Resources for Learners

Building your Canvas course can get really complicated, but starting smart and simple is key. While we started small, there are a lot more features you can take advantage of to make learning fun, effective and efficient for you and your students! Looking for some extra help and direction, we’ve got you covered!

Video Resources

Setting up Canvas with the Basics from Scratch or with the Help of a Template

Canvas Channel on Youtube

Insightful Articles

LMS Implementation – Considering all the Variables

The Human Factor in LMS Implementation

5 Key Factors to Consider when Implementing E-Learning

Can Poor LMS Interfaces Jeopardize Learning?

Helpful Websites

Guide to Creating a Simple Canvas Course

Creating New Custom Pages in Canvas!

Course Layout Overview with a BIOLOGY CLASS TEMPLATE!

Creating a New Course or Modifying Course Dates

The One Page Guide for Course Building in Canvas