Lesson Plan and Assessment Rubric

The focus of my instructional unit is to help teachers effectively implement Canvas in the science classroom. Canvas has a variety of features, but, since this is the implementation phase, the first unit focuses on starting slowly but starting correctly. Organization is key to successful LMS (Learning Management System) implementation. The lesson plan below is for the 1st of five seminars and it is entitled “Starting with a Blank Canvas“. Below you will also find a link for the Assessment Rubric which will be used to guide and evaluate the final product the participants develop, which will be an actual course outline on Canvas. Canvas has a neat feature where you can see what the students see, so participants can evaluate themselves as they go before the final evaluation. It is more important that they use the rubric to self assess, reflect and improve, since the goal with adults is to incite intrinsic motivation to learn, grow and improve.

Lesson Plan – ‘Starting with a Blank Canvas’

Rubric for Canvas Interface

Background with blank canvas on wooden table