1st blog post – Introduction

Join my exploration of the field of Instructional Design and Educational Development as I strive to improve my craft and share my work. This Blog is meant to stimulate reflection, not disseminate facts. Read, think and reflect. Even challenge the research if you wish, for that is how we grow.

We will never reach perfection or absolute knowledge, but don’t be depressed, that’s just because life is dynamic, rather than static, and you as a living organism are proof of that. That just means we can always improve and get better. The goal is moving forward in the right direction, not necessarily reaching a destination. We interact with a multitude of stimuli and deal with a variety of situations every day because the world is ever-changing. It demands us to adapt and learn in order to navigate, survive, thrive, contribute and create. We may derive different conclusions and offer different solutions at different times and under different circumstances. Therefore, one must conclude that our learning process should never end.

Some of us have developed strong negative feelings towards education as a result of formalized schooling and therefore are “done with learning”. Don’t let that be you! Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave, and never stop reading, for that is giving up one of the your most distinguished abilities. It may seem like an average ability depending on where you live, but it really is not! You possess a superpower and it should be treated as such, if people only knew. Of those who possess this special ability, many do not appreciate and utilize the gift in a constructive and productive manner.

Remember, learning can be fun and relaxing, and it doesn’t have to make you apprehensive.Welcome to my blog, a place to refine your craft and have fun doing it.

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