Welcome to ‘The Art of Instruction with Ammar Charaf’. Join the exploration of the study of Andragogy, the science of adult learning, and gain insight into designing the best Professional Development Workshops! Ammar is a a High School Chemistry Teacher pursuing higher education and acquiring a multitude of skills in order to develop his teaching craft. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Instructional Design and Technology at Seton Hall University. Here you will find the evolution of his Capstone Project working towards powerful and effective Professional Development by reflecting on, and applying, the best and latest practices of Instructional Design! The Capstone Project is focused on teaching how to design and customize your Canvas, a Learning Management System (LMS), used by teachers at Passaic County Technical Institute to facilitate differentiated and collaborative learning, as well as learning via technology. Be sure to checkout the Blog and every aspect of the Capstone Project by exploring the links above. Follow Ammar on Twitter for the latest short and sweet readings and reflections. Be sure to check out some of the Professional Services Ammar offers, as well! Remember, learning extends beyond the classroom, and if you’ve come to open your heart and mind to something new and inspiring to develop your craft, you’ve come to the right place.

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